ZONE 6 GARDENING: "The best days are those spent in the garden."

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Oh Garden

If you love gardening, we've got a lot in common. I'm Diana & welcome to Oh Garden -- gardening Ohio style in Zone 6.  I'm a semi-retired interior designer & love bringing my eye for detail to the gardens I'm creating at our home.  I share my adventures in gardening here & am glad you stopped by for a visit.

Digging Deeper

about me

I come from a long line of gardeners & farmers in Virginia (now West Virginia) who date back to before the Revolutionary War.  In my more recent family genealogy, I grew up in helping my mom in the gardens she started when we moved to a new house when I was in the 5th grade. 

Whether it was my patio flower garden when I bought my home in California or the cottage garden I created from my patch of lawn at my apartment in Georgia, wherever I've lived in the country, I've always loved to garden. I'm fond of saying, "The best days are those spent in the garden." This is especially true living in Northeast Ohio where the winters can start in mid-October and end in early May.

We bought our house more than a dozen years ago and during that time I dreamed about having gardens.  I  planned and plotted how we would re-imagine the lawn around the house  which sits on 5.5 acres. For the first nine years we lived at our cottage in the woods, we remodeled the house inside and out. 

During those years we only did farily minor things to the yard around (like rip out the holly bushes & gaint pine tree that were eating the house!) We have also removed more than 100 trees. It pained us to do so but all of them endangered our house and many were diseased. 

Every spring and fall we bring out our tree guy who identify the diseased and/or dangerous trees (if any). We also removed all of the little bushes that dotted the property that had been planted by the previous (and original) owners and had some grading done where we had water issues.

From 2015-16 I planned the landscaping changes I wanted to make and we hired a local landscaping company to help with those plans. In the fall of 2017 and then from the spring to fall in 2018 we finished doing the major projects that created the garden spaces around our house. Since then, I have been digging , planting, and weeding to make the gardens what I want them to be -- it is a work in progress as I think all all gardens are. And, of course, every season I battle weeds, deer, and rascally rabbits -- the foe of every gardener!

As an interior designer, my work on our home remodeling projects have won gold & first-place awards both locally and regionally.  I bring that same award-winning passion to my gardens at our cottage in the woods. 

Gardening is a hopeful hobby. Day-by-day, season-by-season, year-by-year,  I work in my gardens with a vision.  I plant seeds with the hope that they will sprout and bloom, filling my garden with beauty and fragrance.  Life began in a garden as we read in the Bible and I love the life of gardening and the hope & beauty that grows in my garden.